Monday, 4 February 2008

Loop the Inventor

OK here I am then. Loop is my name and I am one of Dwellers who make things and if there is nothing to make then we invent something. The human gourts are inventive. You made this Internet after all but you've missed so much along the way. The trouble with you is that you make too much of a hurry and in your effort to reach a goal you miss the added benefits along the way. Deryk ask me to explain our underground heating so here go.
Big tide water come and go twice a day. We have long pressure tubes all along the water edge. Tide come in and push in pressure tubes compressing much air which can be stored. Air is used to run through many tiny pipes and as it rush through friction create heat. Tiny tubes run many times through water tank making water warm. Extra pressure then used to pump water round all our dwellings. also keeps the supply of drinking water too. Tide never lets us down. When extra high tide comes along we all have bath. Froodidoo Loop.

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