Saturday, 26 January 2008

Rasher says Heloooo

Helooo. I'm one of the youngers, always in trouble but often coming home with new tales to tell and new things to play with. Well, not play, but to experiment with. I've helped make lots of things with my uncle, Myke who's great. Last year we modified a gourts cast away sanding machine to make a vibrating chair for Grandma. She loves it and very often nods off to sleep with it on. She's learnt to keep her mouth shut now when she uses it, because her jaw drops open when she's asleep and her false teeth drop out. Maybe if we made it vibrate less? Froodidoo. Rasher

Friday, 25 January 2008

Anjela writes

So here I am for the first time on the internet thing. There are still some in our community who say it's not right and we shouldn't be doing this. Maybe that's why it's so exciting. You know we girls love the thrill of doing something we shouldn't. Maybe your gourt girls are different. I've seen some of your magazines that the boys bring home from the landfill place. I think too much makeup and too little clothes. Turn the heating down, that'll teach them to wear something proper when they're digging up potatoes and carrots.
Why does the price make something more desirable. I made a Gucci handbag last week from an old curtain, a dog lead and some shower curtain rings. I compared it to the picture in a gourt magazine and the boys couldn't tell the difference. Cost - nothing. And when I get fed up with it I can just pull it apart and re-use the bits or send it back to the landfill. Lost - nothing!
Anyway, my pot is boiling and it's time for tea. Froodidoo. Bye bye - and don't come back! xx

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Syd Speaks

Hello, it's me!
You know you have all those fancy medicines for curing all sorts of problems that you Gourts seem to suffer from. Have you ever thought why animals don't have quite the same range of afflictions? Well, we're the same and what we've done is simply taken a lesson from nature. When you get down to it, whenever nature creates something that might conflict with us, she also at the same time creates the antidote. All you have to do is find it. But you know what keeps us little dyke dwellers healthier than anything else? It's bein' happy and livin' without stress. Now bugger off and leave us alone. Froodidoo. Syd.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Moonlight Last Night

Such a good night to get out. The moon was full and the sky was clear. My friend Rasher has been working on a new rubber detector as so much of it helps us survive on the marshes. It has so many uses not least the wellies that keep our feet dry. Finding the necessary parts though has been a nightmare. Just before Christmas we had the workmen on the rail line and they were wonderfully careless. Two flasks, industrial gloves (numerous) a waterproof jacket and even a mobile phone came in very handy. Sometimes the old phones can be cannibalised for parts but this one had loads of credit on it. Wish we had someone to phone! Besides, we've our own radio phones to communicate with but you never know - we might need to phone a gourt one day! The industrial gloves were large so Anjela was able to make us some hard wearing shorts for the summer. Ideal for when we go looking through the landfill site. Anyway, Rasher's still not got what he's looking for but then, we're very patient and we've plenty of home made vin to pass the time. Bye bye - and don't forget - KEEP AWAY! Froodidoo.