Thursday, 7 February 2008

Invaluable Coypu

Considered a pest, the Coypu was once common to see on the Marshes in the hinterland of Great Yarmouth. Originally from South America they'd managed to cling on to this part of East Anglia until the 1980's when the human gourts decided that they had to go. To the Dyke Dwellers this death sentence could not be understood. We see no reason to destroy any creature unless it is a necessity of survival. The coypu were of great assistance to us and the gourts had no idea of just how useful. Then I suppose the gourts want stone and wood dwellings as they're so big and clumsy. Our demands are much less. The coypu was (is) a fantastic burrowing machine. This helps us immensely when establishing a new route or constructing a new dwelling. I say 'is' because we're not so stupid. When they started shooting across the marshes, we took the precaution of preserving two breeding pair and today over twenty years on we have a controlled pack of fourteen. We're good to them and they're good to us and that's the right order of things. Not only that, we also benefit with coypu medicine. Cuts, stings, rashes, bites - any condition where the skin needs to regenerate or heal and the coypu assist us. Their special anal glands and mixture of dung have such good healing qualities that we rarely suffer from those kind of conditions for long. Got a problem - get some coypu dung on it! But you can't have that pleasure of course because you've killed all yours. Just don't come looking for ours. Froodidoo. Anon.

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