Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Daytime Activities

Misty mornings are what we like most. When the snow's on the ground we can leave tracks for you to find and follow. But misty days mean that we don't have to wait for nightfall before venturing out especially if we're hunting. Over the marshes the food can be harvested without fear of beeing spotted by a gourt. At the landfill site we can remove as much as we like as long as we don't get squashed flat by the trucks! Rasher yesterday found a little two wheeled cart. Not only did he bring it home but he used it to carry loads of other useful bits and pieces. Loop has more bits to use for his rubber detector he's developing. Talking of rubber, our supplies are running low. Although we've a stockpile of wellies for emergencies, we can't build any new dwellings until Juggy our smelter and his assistant Klonk have rolled out some new waterproof sheeting. They're skilled in manufacturing the rubber plates that are welded together to make watertight insulated underground dwellings. Rubber smelting and welding is a fine art and not without its hazards as Juggy's face will testify. His skin is marked by the hundreds of burning spots of rubber that have splattered him over the years. If it wasn't for coypu dung's healing properties it would have disintegrated years ago!
Anyway, we're expecting more mist tomorrow and you never know, the gourts may well have disposed of more rubber than we can handle so it's just as well we can work by day as well as by night at this time. Froodidoo.

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